Moderator: Zuzana Hodková (Seznam)

Language: English (interpretation to Czech provided)


10.00 Kick-off


10.05 - 10.15 Welcome

Matt Simister, Chief Executive Officer Tesco Central Europe

Andreas Beckmann, CEO, WWF Central and Eastern Europe

10.15 – 10.35 Keynote speeches: Keynote speech 1

Zdeněk Nekula, Minister of Agriculture (tbc) / Anna Hubáčková, Minister of Environment (tbc)

Keynote speech 2 – Representative of the EU Commission

10.35 – 11.35 Panel 1: Sustainable Food Systems legislative framework

What are challenges to overcome for the planned Sustainable Food Systems Law to deliver?


In its Farm to Fork Strategy, published in May 2020, the European Commission announced for late 2023 a new Legislative Framework for Sustainable Food Systems. This flagship initiative of the F2F Strategy has been identified by WWF-European Policy Office as the main piece of the EU legislation on agriculture and food that will be up for political debate between now and 2024. The new SFS law could include a legal obligation for a progressive adaptation of other food-related EU laws, including the Common Agricultural Policy, which could be steered in a different direction during the next cycle of reform. Similarly, the law can also break new ground for the EU on other aspects of the food system, potentially leading to stronger EU action on areas such as food consumption and diets or sustainability obligations for food supply chain actors.


Speakers: (max 4-5 people, tbc)


·         Jabier Ruiz, WWF EPO, Senior Policy Officer, Agriculture and Sustainable Food Systems | WWF European Policy Office /ALTERN: Irene Lucius, WWF CEE Conservation Director

·         DG Agri/ DG Envi representative

·         Representative of MoA (Jindrich Fialka)

·         Michal Kucera, Chairman of the Agri Committee of the Parliament

·         Tomas Prouza – SOCR


11.35 – 11.50 Coffee Break


11.50 – 12.50 Panel 2: Sustainable Food Systems implementation in business


What are opportunities, challenges and needs for food business to implement sustainable food systems?


To make the change possible, we need to support all relevant food industry actors, i.e. retailers, manufacturers and producers, to initiate change of their behaviour in favour of more sustainable production. In this panel, we will therefore discuss the new SFS requirements from their point of view – what are their expectations, challenges and needs? What could be the examples of such a positive shift? WWF will share recommendations for food businesses to follow in order to decrease their impact on the environment.


Speakers: (max 4-5 people, tbc)


·         WWF-CEE Speaker presenting the principles

·         Tesco speaker (Giles Bolton?)

·         Tesco Product Partner

·         Dana Vecerova, Food Chamber Cz

·         Eurocommerce representative


12.50 – 13.50 Lunch Break


13.50 – 14.50 Panel 3: Sustainable Food Consumption


How can we as consumers contribute to reducing the impact of food systems on climate and biodiversity and how to influence consumers in this sense?


Sustainability of food systems is not possible without change of consumers’ behaviour. Europeans tend to eat more food, and in particular more animal products, than is healthy for people or the planet. Change of diets, especially in high-income countries, is particularly relevant and effective for improving nutrient levels, lowering premature mortality, and reducing environmental impacts, in particular greenhouse gas emissions. What are the best ways to contribute to positive change in our diet patterns?


Speakers: (max 4-5 people, tbc)


●     Joanna Trewern, WWF-UK, Sustainable Diets and Behaviour Change

●     Derek Sarno, co-founder of Wicked Healthy, a healthy plant-based food blog

●     Dana Kapitulčinová, Charles University

●     ProVeg International/Business Leaders Forum

●     DG Sante representative

●     European Customer Organisation representative


14.50 – 15.00 Concluding remarks – Matt Simister, Chief Executive Officer Tesco Central Europe, and Andreas Beckmann, CEO, WWF Central and Eastern Europe


Side activities: Stands promoting sustainability work & EU Presidency (4-6, incl WWF, Tesco, Ministry, TPP (TBC))